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At Plaspak we provide a wide variety of plastic polybags and products such as biodegradable bags, plastic sheet for construction, nursery bags and pots, hangers, bottles, jerry cans, hangers, woven bags, laminated pouches, shrink film on roll, cling films and zipper bags among others.
For new order, 15 working days upon confirmation of artwork and for repeated order, a period of 10 working days will be applied.
Yes, we manufacture biodegradable shopping bags, carrier bags and bags on roll among others.
All biodegradable plastic should be used within 6 months from the date of production.
Not all plastic manufactured at Plaspak will biodegrade naturally due to the conditions required for their biodegradation, however, these plastics are 100% reusable and recyclable.
Yes, we have a recycling unit at Plaspak where we recycle our own plastic waste.

According to the Environment Protection Act Regulations made by the Minister under section 96 of the Environment Protection Act, the exempted plastic usage are as follows:
A plastic bag –

  • designed to be used for the disposal of waste, including quarantine and clinical waste.
  • designed to be used for the purpose of agriculture.
  • designed to be used for medical purposes.
  • designed to be used for the purpose of sampling or analysis.
  • that constitutes, or forms an integral part of, the packaging in which goods, materials or products are sealed prior to sale on the local market or for export; and
  • a transparent re-sealable bag with security tamper used by a passenger to contain liquids, aerosols, or gels at an airport or on board of an aircraft or carried by a transfer passenger.
Laminated plastic help preserve and improve shelf life of products and it is the preferred choice for food packaging due to their excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties.
We can directly print on the pouches, or we do have batch coders and impulse sealer with date printer which are also available for sale at Plaspak.
We accept card, cash, bank transfer, cheque, and cash on delivery but terms and conditions apply.
Free delivery all around the island but terms and conditions apply.


To provide the most sustainable, reliable, and diversified packaging throughout our targeted markets

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