Unlike plastic bags, the waste generated by paper bags will not remain on the surface of the earth for the next 1,000 years. In the next 1000-10,000 years, humans will not lose all the marine life in the oceans….

2Paper Bags Block Bottom (No Handle)

Yes, paper bags are the most environmentally friendly packaging option because these bags are made of recyclable environmentally friendly materials. Green entrepreneurship should become a priority for all companies in the world… 


Plastic pots do not necessitate a lot of upkeep. Unlike clay pots, they do not accumulate any permanent deposits because they are so easy to clean. In fact, the darker-colored pots are less likely to discolor or become dirty…


The primary goal of warning tapes is to make employees and other staffs aware of potential hazards in the workplace. They are primarily used to identify hazardous zones and to recommend …


Plastic Hangers are widely available at low prices in most department stores. It can also be purchased in bulk from a number of reputable internet sites at a fair price or at Plaspak itself….


Plastic bottles, unlike glass containers, are tough and robust; when dropped, they don’t shatter into jagged fragments, making products and packaging safe to handle. Plastics offer important physical features such as toughness…..


Lamination is a method of encasing and bonding printed materials between two sheets of translucent plastic film. This clear coating adds strength, rigidity, and protection to the printed parts, extending their life. By deepening and enhancing the ink colors, lamination improves..


To some people, the name “bioplastics” may sound like futuristic or science fiction, but it is not. The first man-made plastic introduced in 1862 was bioplastic…


The traditional colors of kraft paper, such as yellow brown, yellow gray and dark brown, give it an aged appearance. Even after bleaching, the paper remains yellowish-yellow or cream-white. Kraft paper bags are the most welcoming type of bag since…